Jan 16, 2012

Details of Hanuman costume

Close up of the Hanuman boy outside a home in Mandaveli. Pongal brings home many such quaint visitors. Don't miss the elaborate make up.
Hanuman boy

A boy in Hanuman costume on Pongal day at a home in Mandaveli.
Express Avenue

Another view of the EA mall, Royapetta on Pongal day evening.
Express Avenue

EA mall, Royapetta on Pongal day evening, quite empty actually.

Jan 6, 2012

Santhome High Road

Ramco Cements' vacant property on Santhome High Road opposite the Adyar Ayyappan Temple, on an off peak evening time.
Adyar Ayyappan Temple, court.
The Adyar Ayyappan temple with a sprinkling of devotees, a view from the terrace of an adjacent building.
Adyar Ayyappan Temple

The Adyar Ayyappan temple on a January morning, devoid of devotees.